Laundry Detergent Powder

Laundry Detergent Powder information

We are manufacturer of washing powder in russia and are able to supply you with the required volume of washing powder. we can do label production for you. please take a look at the attached pictures of packing. the powder is high quality made according to the german technology and quality standards in russia. The quality level is the same as of famous brands like persil, frosch, sodosan, royl povder. The packing of the powder is self-bio-degradable, it means environmental friendly. the most favorable price in the market, available to everyone!

Details :

  • High quality of washing, checked by thousands of regular customers; complies with all norms and standards;
  • prevents the formation of scale, prolonging the life of your washing machine; has unobtrusive, natural aroma;
  • Effectively removes any stains, retains the color of the fabric, pleasantly refreshes the laundry;
  • Suitable for washing children’s clothes, starting from 3 years; completely safe for your health. Products do not dust and do not have a strong concentrated odor;
  • products without bleaches and chlorine, while the quality of washing is excellent and darkens clothes
  • Suitable for people suffering from asthma and allergies; â�� the fragrance of the powder is incomparable to any brand presented on the market, but a pleasant bonus is bio decomposable packaging; â�� due to its Concentrated formula, the minimum amount of powder is sufficient for a lot of washing, maximum savings of your money! 2 times more washings!
  • Prevents excessive foaming; when rinsing, does not remain on the fabric, does not absorb into the substrate; it does not contain phosphates, zeolites, chlorine, harmful dyes and other dangerous substances. Only healthy and ecology components.

Additional information

Packaging Details: Packing size available from 0.55 to 2.8 kg

12 months, no sediments.