Dry Distillers Grains

Dry Distillers Grains (Distillers Feed Corn, [Dry Distillers Grains with Solubles, DDGS])

Actual quality indications (%):

  • Moisture –  min 7,0, max 10 Crude
  • Protein(dry matter) –  34,0
  • Oil –  4,8 Fiber –  7,2
  • Ash –  3,8
  • Ferrous admixture –  0,00
  • Odour –  Cereal fermentation odour


Characteristic of grain feedstock Aminoacids complex:

  • Price FOB Novorossiysk –  $/mt
  • Container delivery CIF –  at request
  • Volume –  up from 1000/month with possible increasing. Dry Distillers Grains (Corn) is used in feed rations of all kind of animals, poultry and fish, has many micro additives and does not contain harmful substances or impurities.
  • By the content of protein, amino acids, macro and microelements, which play an important role in the metabolism and growth processes of animals, the dry Dry Distellery Dregs outruns most of the feed products. Quality dry bard is a loose fodder product of light brown color with a pleasant bread smell and sweet taste.
  • Packaging : bulk
  • Place of Origin : Russia

Additional information

Payment Terms : L/C, T/T

Minimum Order Quantity : 20 Metric Ton

Packaging Details : In Bulk, BigBags, 50 kg bags possible

Delivery Time : 5-14 days

12 months, no sediments.