High Quality Paint Roller

Sample : Paint roller green (available more colors)

Material :

  • Polyacryl, pile 18 mm, diameter 44 mm, green It is used for applying varnishes, paints, enamels and other paints on various surfaces The fur coat, made of velor on a woven basis, is securely attached to the equipment by the method of thermal melting
  • The height and density of the pile are optimal for the coloring of rough and uneven surfaces
  • Brand Name : Hummer
  • Brush Material : Polyacryl
  • Place of Origin : Russia

Additional information

Payment Terms : L/C, T/T

Minimum Order Quantity : 18750 pcs (1 x 40” container)

Packaging Details : 20 ” container (Dry Cube) 210 boxes (8400 paint rollers), each box 40 pcs. 40 ” container (Dry Cube) 450 boxes (18000 paint rollers), each box 40 pcs.

Delivery Time : 5-14 days

Paint roller green

Paint roller with a handle, white, with a yellow stripe

Paint roller with handle, white with gray and red stripe

Paint roller white

Paint roller with a handle, yellow with a black stripe

Paint roller pink