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Ideal Live Water

Starting with the 2018 our company develops  the export line of our Ideal purest glacier  water to sell internationally  and is looking for local partners to cooperate.

Ideal Live Water

Purest Glacial Water

The glaciers of the Central Caucasus is one of the few places on Earth that has preserved its absolute purity and harmony. Melting crystals of the clearest high-mountain ice give birth to the brawling stream of water that runs down the Alpine meadows, the water that has been cleared by the best natural filters and enriched by oxygen and biota. Thus a real magic happens – the ideal fresh water is born! The Ideal water gives this magic life energy to every cell of your body.

Mount Glacier

Our Water is flowing out at 2300 meters above sea level on a beautiful plateau of Mount Glacier. Our Glacier Water outlet is located and borders the magnificent National nature park with forest reserve, which borders are less than a 1000 meters away from our territory. No industry enterprises are present within the nearest 300 km, only native pure nature environment.

The “Rolls Royce” of Waters

Pure glacier water sources are rare and superior to common ground water sources as it is not filtered through the ground where a variety of dissolved solids and organic particles such as rock, dirt, salt, sand, metals, chemicals and underground pollutants can attach to each water molecule. Untouched, uncontaminated and especially pure, this premium glacier water has a total dissolved solids (TDS) of 6,7 parts per one million—naturally!!


Our water comes into our bottling facilities in a natural way by gravity flow true a 50 km pipeline which is laid under the ice and snow of the glacier direct into our production. We do not use any pumps or compressors to pump the water or to fill our bottles and the water always flows in a natural gravity self-going way, which prevents the brake of natural molecular water structure. This method always provides the 100% live nature standard of the bottled water you receive onto your table. 

Water Quality

Our Ideal water is the Winner of a 2 year lasting global selection process of an Asian luxury water producer! Our water became the water of choice regarding quality and taste.

We successfully won against 66 famous water sources ranging from Tibet, Chile, Canada, USA, Island, Norway and Switzerland!

Purest Glacial Water

Ideal for human body!

  • Its perfect alkaline PH (7,7-7,8) mirrors the acid-base balance of human blood.
  • Very richin dissolved Oxygen
  • Ultra low in total dissolved solids (TDS)
  • Ultra low in Minerals
  • Ultra Soft 
  • A 95% match to human intracellular water.
  • Effectively saturates body cells with fluid and enables their regeneration.
  • Bioavailability: the oxygen contained in molecules of glacial water penetrates into human cells quicker.
  • Its reduced content of deuterium due to the high-altitude source locations.
  • Naturally removes toxins
  • Strengthens immune system

Minimum order quantity & Price

We offer our minimum order quantity of one 40’’ container.

The loading capacity PE Ideal Water bottlesper one 40” container:

0.5 L = 1200 Bottles on 1 Pallet=30000 bottles (FCA 0.40 EUR/1pcs; =12000 EUR per 1 container load)

1.0L=1000 Bottles on 1 Pallet=25000 bottles (FCA 0.50 EUR/1pcs; = 12500 EUR per 1 container load)

1.5L=400 Bottles on 1 Pallet=10000 bottles (FCA 0.75 EUR/1pcs; = 7500 EUR per 1 container load

5 L=120 Bottles on 1 Pallet=3000 bottles (FCA 2.20 EUR/1pcs; = 6600 EUR per 1 container load

Soft drinks (Lemonade, Cold Tea, Ideal Cola Drink):

Glass, 0.5 L = 1200 Bottles on 1 Pallet=30000 bottles (FCA 0.65 EUR/1pcs; =19500 EUR / 1 container load)

PE, 0.5 L = 1200 Bottles on 1 Pallet=30000 bottles (FCA 0.45 EUR/1pcs; =13500 EUR / 1 container load)

Cold Tea/PE 1.0L=1000 Bottles on 1 Pallet=25000 bottles (FCA 0.55 EUR/1pcs; = 13750 EUR / 1 container)

Lemonade/PE 1.5L=400 Bottles on 1 Pallet=10000 bottles (FCA 0.70 EUR/1pcs; = 7000 EUR per 1 container load

Free samples can be provided for your testing prior contracting via EMS or DHL postal service.

Lead time

is 5-10 days for dispatch from Novorossiysk sea port. By long-term contracting we arrange the store facilities in Novorossiysk to accumulate and keep available for immediate dispatch large quantities of our Ideal water. In such case the dispatch will occur within 1-3 days.

Bottles options

0,5/1,0/1,5/5,0 L size bottles available in PE execution.

0.5/1.0 L available in glass.

Other sizes in glass and PE are possible upon agreement.

The shape and label of bottles can be various at mutual agreement. We can produce your bottle shape. Some samples of the current bottles shape are shown below.

Also,  starting in December 2018, will be available 5 L and 19 L foldable PE bottles (when you empty the bottle, you then can easy fold the bottle down to a thin plate to reduce the storage space of empty bottles).

Water shelf life

12 months, no sediments.

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